Hypnosis for Weight Loss: Why People Fail to Follow a Healthy Diet

Hypnosis for Weight Loss: Why People Fail to Follow a Healthy Diet

People often start dieting with plenty of determination. They have clear goals in mind which they intend to achieve yet after several weeks of religiously following their new program, they decide to give up. What went wrong?


According to statistics from The Council on Size and Weight Discrimination, only 5 percent are successful in following a healthy diet. What about the 95 percent? What could have caused them to fail?


Read on to discover the 8 most common reasons that push people to toss it in:


1.     They are too hard on themselves.

If you were used to eating unhealthy food and all of a sudden you had to switch to a diet based on fruits and vegetables, your body will have a hard time coping with the abrupt changes. Throughout the diet, spoil yourself once in a while but be careful not to binge on unhealthy food.


Avoid starving yourself too. If your body goes into starvation mode, it will be difficult for you to resist your food cravings.


As much as you want to get quick results, diets do not work overnight. They must be implemented slowly but surely.


2.     They do not track progress.

One of the biggest mistakes dieters make is basing results on what they can see. If they do not appear thinner, they think that their diet is not working so they feel discouraged.


What you see on the mirror should not be your only basis of improvement. You need to be keen on tracking your progress or else, you won’t realize just how much progress you are already making.


3.     They focus solely on the diet.

Diet alone will not help you lose impressive amounts of weight. If you have ambitious weight loss goals, then you must supplement your diet with healthy lifestyle changes. Research shows the most people fail in following their healthy diet because they do not couple it with two essential factors that contribute to efficient weight loss: enough sleep and regular exercise.


4.     They lack moral support.

Losing weight is a serious and difficult process that requires plenty of determination and will power. Too often, people lose both throughout the diet. When that happens, it is important to have someone who will motivate you to go on.


As human beings, we need constant support from our loved ones otherwise we are prone to failure. This is why your friends and members of your family must be aware of your plans so they can help you achieve your goals.


5.     They lack ambition.

Many people accept defeat too easily. Some of them even give up before the fight starts. There are many reasons why this happens but generally, the lack of motivation is what makes people lose ambition.


Overweight people are prone to this form of struggle. They are in a continuous battle with extra pounds because even if they manage to get rid of their excess weight, they still have to deal with the rebound effect. At this point, this is where ambition plays a crucial role.


6.     They have a slow metabolism.

Slow metabolism means slow weight loss. While exercise and certain food choices can help improve a person’s metabolism, not seeing huge results can be disappointing and discouraging.


Accept your body’s natural structure and be patient. Choose not to give up if you do not see the scale moving as much as you would like it to.


7.     Their diets lack necessary nutrients.

Many people wrongly believe that starvation or eating less is the key to cutting weight. While both can help a person lose unwanted pounds, they also pave the way to undernourishment.


A healthy diet might be low in calories but it doesn’t mean it is low in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It should be packed with the necessary elements needed by the human body to maintain overall health and well-being.


If you do not fuel your body properly, you are prone to feeling hungry throughout the entire day. This will tempt you to cheat on your diet and binge on food.


8.     They are used to unhealthy practices.

Skipping meals, not getting enough sleep, living a sedentary lifestyle, smoking cigarettes, emotional eating – these are only a few of the unhealthy habits that keep people from achieving their weight goals. Because these practices have turned into habits, they are already ingrained within the subconscious and are therefore difficult to break.


Breaking a bad habit takes time and effort. Some people see therapists to help them kick their unhealthy practices while others seek support from groups.


However, most methods that people use to break their habits only yield temporary results. How, then, can you ensure permanent changes?


Hypnosis for Weight Loss: How does it work?

Hypnosis for weight loss works by bringing into light the underlying causes behind your unhealthy habits and by helping you change your thoughts.


Your professionally trained hypnotist can assist you in mentally rehearsing the lifestyle and diet changes you are determined to make in your life. Once you change your thinking about how you should eat and lead your life, it will be easy for you to follow a healthy diet and cultivate good habits.


Are you ready to achieve your weight goals? It will be our pleasure at Suburban Philly Hypnosis to help you. Together, we can create a plan that will keep you focused on your new, healthier diet.


I look forward to hearing from you. Call me today at 215-659-6955 and schedule your free consultation to learn more about hypnosis for weight loss. You can also reach me through my email, [email protected].


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