Naturally Energize, Soothe and Enjoy Pampering In Your Day

Naturally Energize, Soothe and Enjoy Pampering In Your Day

Do you remember that last time you felt really good? I mean almost completely free of pain? Let’s mentally revisit such a memory. Mentally rehearsing and revisiting a memory when you feel pain free is a way to naturally energize, soothe and enjoy pampering in your day. This skill of mentally rehearsing a pain free memory is just one of many useful pain management techniques available to you.

When you consciously focus on what you like instead of on what you don’t like, you relax and let go of tension somewhere in your body. No matter what the discomfort, you can focus and concentrate on “being” someplace else to relieve pain. This self-pampering can be done for adults or children. You can put into action the power of your own mind as a safe pain management process.

Natural Pain Management Techniques Include Hypnosis

When you mentally rehearse a time from the past where you feel physically comfortable, you direct energy to that activity. So, for example, close your eyes for a moment and just relax. Imagine a time you allowed yourself to breathe easy. Completely read this blog post. Then, stop reading and do the suggested exercise in this post.

For just a moment and inhale deeply and then exhale. Allow your mind and body to relax. See yourself breathing calmly and confidently, for example, while you are standing in front of the bathroom mirror looking at yourself.

In this memory, you may be brushing or combing your hair. Or, maybe you are looking at yourself giving yourself a pep talk about feeling confident before you go on a date. Or maybe the memory you are revisiting is one where you have just come out of the shower and you are looking at your gorgeous face in the mirror. Whatever that memory is, make it one where you feel confident about yourself. Allow yourself to like who you are. That is all that matters.

As you look at yourself in the mirror, notice how calm and relaxed your body feels. Just by mentally traveling to this very pleasant moment from your past, you can also “take yourself” into a physically comfortable place. This is the core of why hypnosis works so well.

When you focus on imagining mentally being in a pleasant place, your mind and brain actually work together to balance brain chemistry. With balanced brain chemistry you naturally lower excessive cortisol levels. All with the power of your mind. That is how you can feel the physical benefits of hypnosis, too.

Continue here for just another moment in this very pleasant memory. Allow yourself to feel relaxed and calm as you inhale, exhale and remember the joyful pleasant feeling of this one memory. When you consciously focus on achieving a goal of high perceived value to you, you forget about everything else in that moment, including pain, stress and tension.

Ever heard of people using hypnosis to manage pain instead of chemical pain killers? There are simply some people who cannot handle pain medication. BUT, they CAN learn how to hypnotize themselves into feeling relaxed and calm instead of tense. This is a powerful pain management technique that helps people stop suffering in chronic pain.

Now inhale and exhale one more deep breath and then slowly open your eyes. Notice that you feel better? That’s because you took time to hypnotize yourself and focus on what you can do and on what you do like.

Do you suffer from chronic pain? Hypnosis can help. Please let me be your guide and hypnosis teacher. You can use this proven effective, drug free, natural pain management method to free yourself from pain. I look forward to helping you free yourself from pain the natural way.

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