How to Eliminate Dental Fears and Anxiety Forever

How to Eliminate Dental Fears and Anxiety Forever

Nobody likes the thought of experiencing pain.  In fact, it is a pain to think of having pain!  Would you like to know how to eliminate dental fears and anxiety about going to the dentist?  Well, it actually begins by paying attention to the thoughts you think.

You’ve probably heard the idea that the thing you focus on the most is the thing that becomes real for you.  In other words, what you think you are, you are.  If you tell yourself to feel afraid going to the dentist, your mind and brain work together to create fear feelings in your body.

When you think about going to the dentist to experience pain, that thinking is actually untrue.  It also scares you.

To eliminate dental fears, it is necessary to think differently.  Instead of believing you are going to the dentist to experience pain, tell yourself you are going to have a repair done.  This is a positive way to look at the dental visit.

Be Truthful to Eliminate Dental Fears

Before going to the dentist, if you negatively fantasize about what could happen when you get there, you are thinking in opinions.  Opinions are not usually based in fact.

A negative fantasy focuses on what you do NOT want at the dentist.  You create this negative fantasy in your mind by saying things like, “The dentist is not going to help me!”  But, when you say truthful things that empower you, you can cope easier with your dental visit.

Intense Emotion Causes You To Create A Hypnotic Mind State

Almost anytime you experience intense emotion, you are also creating a hypnotic mind state.  Creating this hypnotic mind state when expressing intense emotion is a natural and normal nervous system phenomenon. It’s a wonderful mental wellness tool you can use if you focus on the positive things in your life.

Once you hypnotize yourself, your subconscious mind is open to creative suggestion. If you focus on saying scary things to yourself, you will feel afraid.  To eliminate dental fears, say things that cause you to feel confident about going to the dentist.

Honestly, the dentist is going to improve things for you.  If you are negatively focusing on the brief needle pinch you may feel when getting anesthetized for dental work, you are creating a negative fantasy.  By focusing on expecting an improved outcome for yourself, you are on the right path that helps you eliminate dental fears.

Improving Your Dental Visit Experience

Your mind creatively uses words.  When you use any word with “not” in it, or, an n’t contraction word (won’t, can’t, shouldn’t, wouldn’t, etc.) you confuse your mind.  By focusing on suggesting to your mind only how things will improve by going to the dentist, you no longer scare yourself.

A professionally trained hypnotist can coach you on ways to eliminate dental fears.  You can learn how to relax so deeply for going to the dentist that it soon becomes no big deal to go.  If you are interested in learning how to feel confident and calm in the dental chair, hire a hypnotist.  The coaching you get will make all the difference in the world for your dental visits.

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