Have You Considered Hypnosis for Cancer Care?

Have You Considered Hypnosis for Cancer Care?

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Being diagnosed with the Big C means having to make cancer course treatment decisions. Due to current cancer regimens this disease no longer needs you have to completely go it along.  Medical doctors now see the real value of using hypnosis in addition to traditional cancer treatments. Have you considered supplemental hypnosis for cancer care?

New Trends in Cancer Care

Today, scientific and technological breakthroughs have given us a better understanding about cancer and its treatment. Cancer treatment centers were born out of this knowledge and offer state of the art treatment of the body and mind. Whether you decide on surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or a combination of the three, hypnosis for cancer care can complement, or enhance, your cancer treatment plan.

Most cancer centers offer some form of “complementary alternative medicine” or CAM, to their patients. Hypnosis is one of many complementary medicines that have been shown to improve the care and quality of life for today’s cancer patient.

The number of patients opting for alternative approaches to cancer treatment and traditional medicine has risen significantly over the years. Alternative medicine research is at an all time high and researchers document scientific evidence as to why alternative medicine works. We have learned good nutrition, exercise, and management of daily stress are essential to successful cancer treatment regimen.

Do the Benefits of Treatment Outweigh the Side Effects?

This is a question you and your medical team will discuss when deciding on the best care plan for you. The one constant of chemical cancer treatments are the side effects associated with medicine and medications. The good news is hypnosis has no known untoward side effects.

Chemotherapy and radiation can slow down or stop the growth of cancerous tissue but they also have dangerous and sometimes deadly side effects. Hypnosis for cancer care can help manage the side effects of chemotherapy, radiation, and the discomfort associated with surgery. You have natural options to help you as you conquer the big C.  Choose to be open-minded about alternative health possibilities and win.

How You Benefit From Hypnosis For Cancer Care

Hypnosis works by allowing you access to the place where all your fears and sometimes false beliefs reside; your subconscious mind. Using guided imagery and other techniques you can discover how to focus and concentrate on issues you choose to change or get rid of. In a hypnosis for cancer care session, you do mental work while a hypnotist guides you to where you can change your perceptions about cancer.

At Suburban Philly Hypnosis we recognize the uniqueness of your situation. We understand only you know how you feel with regards to your cancer diagnosis. We tailor your sessions to your specific needs. Hypnosis gives you hope and decreases daily stress and can help you increase self-esteem and self worth.

Your Next Step

Thousands of people use hypnosis for cancer care in addition to traditional medicine for their treatment.  Research shows hypnosis to be an effective way to provide support in a unique way for this life-altering event.

Nowadays, many insurance companies may cover hypnosis sessions.  I recommend you ask your insurance carrier if they pay for hypnosis for cancer care.


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