Would You Like Finishing Projects Today Instead of Tomorrow?

Would You Like Finishing Projects Today Instead of Tomorrow?

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Procrastination Defined

Procrastination is…

  • defined as performing a less urgent task avoiding more urgent ones. This practice is often counterproductive and the individual makes a conscious and voluntary decision to engage in this behavior. Procrastination is not laziness. The psychology of a procrastinator is most likely a person who is impulsive, lacks discipline, with little or no self control.
  • is not laziness. Labeling procrastination as laziness can have a devastating effect on a person’s ego and self worth. It can also alienate the relationship you have with the person you say is procrastinating.  Hypnosis allows the procrastinator to access their subconscious mind where they are able to focus and concentrate on the issue.
  • can be a learned behavior and doesn’t always have devastating results. Sometimes a person will put off doing something simply because they find the task boring or unpleasant. Doing a more pleasant task in lieu of a more urgent task can easily be justified or rationalized.
  • has devastating results when the practice becomes chronic and one minimizes the consequences of not doing what they should be doing. Bottom line, chronic procrastination is a way to deny responsibility and breeds a false sense of self worth.

Everyone Procrastinates; What’s the Harm?

While it is true everyone procrastinates from time to time, it is a practice which can increase anxiety and stress. Ultimately the increased pressure can affect your job performance. When a deadline is at risk of not being met, panic sets in. Rushing to meet a deadline coupled with panic is a recipe for disaster.

Harm results when the procrastination becomes an everyday coping mechanism. Procrastination can lead to a vicious cycle of panic and rushing to finish tasks. Wouldn’t you prefer to be a more productive individual with less stress and anxiety? Hypnosis can help to end the devastating cycle.

At Suburban Philly Hypnosis, we take time to help you discover the uniqueness of your situation. Together with your hypnotherapist, you develop a plan for taking control of this potentially devastating behavior.

When you access the subconscious mind, it is there you identify the source of procrastination.  During your hypnosis session you have complete control and you can begin to change your behavior. You can become a person that completes projects and tasks increasing your productivity.

Your Next Step

You’ve already taken your next step by acknowledging procrastination is an issue you can do without. If you are feeling the stress, anxiety, and pressure associated with putting off until tomorrow what you can do today, Suburban Philly Hypnosis is here to help.

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