Therapeutic Hypnosis Cancer Care

Therapeutic Hypnosis Cancer Care

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Therapeutic Hypnosis Cancer Care

Two-hundred Years, Really?

Cancer care centers offer therapeutic hypnosis, one form of Integrative Medicine, to all their cancer patients. Two-hundred years ago a surgeon “mesmerized,” or hypnotized, a breast cancer patient prior to her mastectomy. This was prior to the advent of anesthesia. Reportedly the surgery was a success with minimal discomfort.

Since that time hypnosis, as well as the practice of medicine, has undergone many changes. Both have grown into well respected professions you recognize as healthcare and wellness delivery systems. This is where you go when you have a medical or psychological issue that has disrupted your life.

The reality is we live in a high stress environment and culture. Research and studies over the years have shown this stress can affect our ability to function. Stress can be linked to many illnesses doctors see in their offices every single day.

Anxiety, sleep disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, and even cancer!

Wouldn’t it be so very nice to eliminate, or at the very least, manage the daily stressors that affect your ability to function optimally? Wouldn’t you like to have a healthier, fuller, and satisfying life? The answer to both of these questions should be a resounding YES! If you agree, read on.

You Have Therapeutic Hypnosis Options

One of the most beneficial developments resulting from the practice of medicine and the growth of Alternative, or Integrative Medicine, is choice. Today you have the luxury of free will and the right to choose healthcare options. Being actively involved in your medical treatment and choices empowers you to tap into your body’s natural ability to heal yourself.

More importantly, a new paradigm in healthcare practice has taken shape and you are the benefactor. Complementary Alternative, or Integrative, Medicine has greatly impacted healthcare delivery. In the USA the medical and psychological communities support therapeutic hypnosis as an effective cancer care option.

How is such a dramatic and effective response possible from this little understood mental tool we call hypnosis?” We’re still trying to answer this question.  However, one fact is clear. Hypnosis works! Studies and research continue to bring increased understanding about and effectiveness of this 200-year old wonder.

Your Quest to Find A Competent Hypnotherapist

The practice of hypnosis is unregulated by most states.  Consequently, anyone can call themselves a “certified hypnotist,” “hypnotist,” or “master hypnotist.” These titles can be purchased quite easily through an online training course. Finding a competent therapeutic or medical hypnosis practitioner is a priority.

In the context of a therapeutic and healing relationship, the hypnotherapist must have medical training, education, and experience. The screening of a competent hypnosis provider should be done with the help of your primary care provider. Ideally, your hypnotherapist will have a healthcare professional licensure.

Assert your right to know what and how much hypnosis and medical training the practitioner has received. Most importantly, ask about professional hypnosis organizations they belong to in order to assess their commitment to the profession.

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